Custom Analytics Using Kato

Custom Analytics Using Kato Kato is a powerful analytics platform that lets you visualize your data in many different formats. Tookan is integrated with Kato and gives you the ability to see your Tookan data in Kato itself. You can request a custom report from our support team and we […]

Task Efficiency

There are two key metrics that provide a closer look to understand Task Efficiency. Successful Tasks – Percentage of Successful Tasks On-Time Task – Percentage of tasks completed On-Time

Agent Effectiveness

There are two key metrics that provide a closer look to understand Agent Effectiveness. Time Based Activity – This metric shows the Total Time spent In-Transit vs Idle. Distance Based Activity – This metric shows the total distance traveled during tasks vs Idle. Time Based Productivity – This metrics shows the productivity of the agent based […]

Task Performance

There are two key metrics that provide a closer look to understand Task Performance. Task Completion – This metric shows Successful vs Failed Tasks. Task Punctuality – This metric shows On-Time vs Delayed Tasks.

Real Time

Real Time Real Time enables you to monitor the Task Status as completed, unassigned and assigned and the Agent Status as free, busy or inactive by a graphical illustration. It also shows graphical reports about Total Tasks, Task Efficiency, Distance Based Productivity & Time Based Productivity for today, 7 days […]

Create A Team

You could now create different teams using Tookan and classify drivers based on parameters like location, zones, distance, etc. It’s easy! Steps to Create a Team  Click on top left menu icon on Dashboard and click on Settings.  Select Teams on the left menu bar. Click on Add Team.  Fill the details in […]

Parameters And Metrics

Tookan’s analytics will provide you all the information that you need to run your business efficiently and take data driven decisions. Apart from the graphical representation of the data, you can access detailed reports and export them to use the information at your ease. You can access the analytics page […]