Languages Supported

Tookan is widely used by a large number of businesses that are spread over 500 cities across the globe. Therefore it supports multiple local and foreign languages across all components of the product, i.e. Admin Dashboard, Android Agent App & iOS Agent App to enable its easy use. The table […]

Creating An Account

Creating an account on Tookan is quick and simple. To begin, click on ‘Free Sign Up’ button on the Tookan Website. Fill in the required details, select the appropriate workflow and click on ‘Proceed to Dashboard’.

Dashboard Status

Dashboard Status Tookan’s task and agents’ status are displayed throughout the dashboard using simple symbols and colors. Task Status They are displayed in the task bar on the left and as pins on the map. Unassigned: The task has not been assigned to any agent and will be reflected in grey color. Assigned: The […]

Dashboard Overview

1.   Tookan’s powerful dashboard helps you stay on top of business operations, giving you an in-depth view of what’s happening at all times. View tasks and agents on the live tracking map, and gain insights from the wealth of data to drive efficient decisions. By default, tasks for the current day appear on the dashboard. You can view […]