Add A Freelancer

Add A Freelancer

Freelancers module enables you to hire and monitor freelancers on Tookan. You can share all your day’s job with the freelancers in a single click. These freelancers would be able to see the unassigned tasks on the agent app and they can accept them if they want. This feature is also helpful in peak hours so that admin can hire some part-time workers and they can work during the need.You can also categorize your agent by segregating them into “Captive Agent” or “Freelancers”

Steps to add freelancer

  • Click on the top left menu icon on the Dashboard and click on Agent.
  • Click on ‘Add Agent’.
  • While selecting “Agent Type” there are two options ‘captive agent’ or ‘freelancer’

Note: While adding a freelancer you have an option to enable subscription for your freelancer. You can easily set your subscription plans by

  • Click on setting
  • Go to freelancer
  • Set subscription plan for your freelancers

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