Delete a Team in Tookan

Delete a Team in Tookan :

Delete any of the existing teams in simple steps.

  •  Click on top left menu icon on Dashboard and click on Settings.
  •  Select Teams on the left menu bar.
  •  Click on Delete button on the team that you want to delete.
  •  Click on Submit to complete the action.

By following the above mentioned steps you can delete the team.

Delete a team in Tookan

A team can be created by going to settings > add team.

You can assign agents based on demographics, types of orders they receive and various other parameters.

Once a team is created then the task will be assigned if the task is aligned for that specific team. Further if team is assigned to a particular geofence then the task assignment will happen on the basis of agent’s available in the defined geofence.

While creating the task through API, the auto-assignment for these orders created from API can only be successful once the value for geofence label is sent as “1”.

Here is the screenshot reference for the Sample request body :

Open API documentation link :

The team can also be created via API using the following link:

The team can later be assigned to the managers, merchants who will be managing the further operations of the team.

The managers and merchants can only perform those actions which are provided them through access control from settings in Tookan dashboard.

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