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Delete Task In case the task is not yet started by the agent, it can be deleted quite easily. However, please note that once deleted, the task will be permanently removed from the dashboard and the agent’s mobile app. There are two ways of deleting a task:


  •  Go to Dashboard > Task Panel > Task Tile > Click on right arrow (>) button.
  •  Task Details, Customer Details and History will appear.
  •  Click on three dots icon and select Delete Stop. Click on Confirm in the popup and the task will be deleted.


  •  Go to Dashboard > Click on Tasks in left bar.
  •  Complete list of tasks will appear with all details. Under the extreme right column of actions, click on three dots icon.
  •  Click on Delete and then confirm.

Bulk Delete Tasks :

Go to the Tasks panel on the Tookan dashboard. Click on Tasks and complete list of tasks will open. You can delete a task/tasks anytime depending upon your requirement. Once deleted it will be removed from the dashboard and the agent’s mobile app. To delete tasks in bulk you can either select the checkbox present at the left side of the Task ID and it will select all the tasks on the current page.

Else you can simply select multiple tasks that you want to delete through the check boxes present at the left of their Task IDs.

Approve Action by clicking on Confirm.

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