How Are Connected Stops Charged?

How are connected stops charged ?

Whether you create 1 pickup or 1 delivery or a pickup & delivery , all of them will be counted as one task.

Tasks can be created on Tookan using dashboard , customer app or through various integrations.

Task Creation on Tookan

Connected tasks on Tookan

How are connected Stops charged ?

Every additional connected stop is counted as half task. So if you have created 1 pickup and 2 deliveries, it will be counted as 1.5 task. If the total number of tasks at the end of the month exceed the limit of your plan, you will be charged as per the additional task rate.

Thsi explains how the connected tasks on Tookan are billed. The details of the connected tasks can be viewed from map view as well as the list view of Tookan.

This is the toggle using which connected tasks can be merged

Connected tasks may involve creation of one pickup and multiple delivery tasks as well. In this case the first connected delivery task with repective pickup is counted as 1 task and further connected delivery task are counted as 1 whole task.

Example of single pickup and two connected delivery task for the same pickup

Once we enable the toggle for merge connected tasks then a new task id is generated for the connected pickup and delivery task, clicking on which the details can be viewed individually for all the connected pickup and delivery tasks, similar to how it appears in the above shared screenshot.

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