Integrate shopify with tookan

Integrate shopify with tookan A Guide To Integrate Tookan With Your Shopify for Smart Delivery Management

Integrate Tookan With Your Shopify

Inventory is one of the most important aspects of any online eCommerce business. Whether you are an online food business or a multi-vendor marketplace, inventory management is difficult if the volume is high. 

Thanks to the new age innovations like Tookan, you can handle your inventory right from your Shopify interface. If you are using the Shopify platform, Tookan can be a perfect inventory and order management tool. 

However, before we get to the process of Tookan integrations, let’s look at some statistics on eCommerce inventory,

  • The cost of worldwide distortion of inventory is around $1.1 Trillion, including shrinkage, stockout, and overstock (IHL Group).
  • Average retail inventory accuracy across the US retail operation is only 63%(PR Newswire).
  • More than 34% of the businesses shipped the order late due to shipping of inaccurate products that were not in stock(PeopleVox).
  • Usage of inventory management software can reduce the errors and overstock by 17% for food businesses(F&B).
  • 70% of consumers leave an eCommerce platform for others over stocks unavailable(repriceexpress).

in conclusion, These statistics are just a glimpse of how inventory management is the most influential aspect of any business. Now, let’s get to know Tookan and its features before we discuss the integration.

What is Tookan?

Tookan is a smart inventory management software that can be integrated into your Shopify store. It helps with the automation of order management and request allocation to respective delivery personnel. 

When you integrate Tookan into Shopify, every order request is redirected to the software. Once the order is pushed to Tookan, it automatically gets assigned to the delivery boys. Automation of the order and inventory management offered by this software will improve your ROI(Return on Investment). It saves time and ensures that your consumers get regular updates on delivery status. 

It automates the following:

  • All the orders that you receive on Shopify.
  • Allocates the order to the nearest possible delivery personnel with time and location data.
  • Automatically sends updates to customers through SMS and email. 
  • The automated updates contain a live tracking link.
  • Notification on successful delivery. 

Step-by-Step Guide to integrate Tookan with Shopify Store 

Step 1: Settings

Open the dashboard of your Shopify store and go to the settings page on the right panel. Once you click on the settings page, you will get different options like location, plan and permissions, store languages, and notifications. Click on the notification option from all the settings pages.

Step 2: Choose Webhooks

Webhooks are HTTP callbacks that help you notify of user requests. It works like a doorbell system that notifies you of the trigger for delivery or order request. Tookan offers webhooks to help you trigger the automation of your delivery or order management process right from the online store. 

Now, click on the webhook button, and you will see a popup with fields like event name, format, URL, and API version. 

Choose the option ‘order fulfilment’ option in the event field, and then all you need is to add the URL from your Tookan account for integration.

Step3: Tookan Dashboard

Now get to your Tookan dashboard, which is easily accessible once you sign up with the software. To get the webhook URL, all you need is to click on the Settings tab from the menu that you can access from the top left’s three-line icon. 

Another significant aspect of the Tookan software is that you can even download the agent app on your smartphone and use it for different functionalities. 

Next, click on the API keys, and you will find the URL you need to integrate the Tookan with your Shopify store by tapping on the “Generate Keys” option. 

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Step4: Tookan Integration

Now just get back to your Shopify store dashboard and paste the URL( in the field after adding your API key at the end of the link and save the webhook by clicking on the button. 

Once you save the webhook, you have now integrated tookan. See it in the webhooks section in your Shopify dashboard. 

Note: If an order is cancelled on Shopify, to cancel it on Tookan automatically, please set up a webhook with the URL( replace the API Key with your own API Key.

Step5: Testing the Integration

Now that you integrate the Tookan webhook into your Shopify store, you can quickly test it. Create a test order, and test the notifications, order automation, and other functionalities. You can even add your number for testing purposes to try whether you get the information on the order placed or not. 


Inventory management and order management can be the point of focus when it comes to retail operations. With Tookan, you can ensure that you deliver each order to your customers in optimum time without worrying about allocating delivery resources. 

therefore Such automation can help you focus on the service side of business by enhancing the operations. Hence If you are looking to have reliable inventory and order management functionalities, choose Tookan for your Shopify Store. 

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