Merchant is a seller or service provider who runs their own business
The Merchants can use Tookan to manage their deliveries.

Our Merchant extension helps you onboard and manage merchants on your platform.
The merchants can have their own marketplaces from where they can receive orders from the end customers.

The merchants are on-boarded under the admin and have access to their own dashboard to manage their agents, tasks, and business operations.
Admin has full access to all the details and activities taking place on the merchant dashboard. Steps to Onboard a Merchant –
1. Activate merchant option from the Extensions
2. On the admin dashboard Go to Settings > Access Control > Add role forĀ  merchants
Add the relevant permissions you want to assign to the merchants and save.

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3. Now go back to the main menu > Merchants > Add Merchant
4 Select the relevant teams and role you want to assign to that merchant

When you assign teams to the Merchant the merchant will be able to utilize all the agents in the team assigned to him for managing his deliveries.

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After creating the Merchant on the Admin panel the merchant will receive an email with all his login details using which he can log in on to the merchant dashboard.

The merchant dashboard will have the similar map view and the list view along with the features shown below in the pictures.

The merchants can create tasks and assign it to the agents assigned to them by the admin.
Also, the merchants can add their own agents if they do their own deliveries.

The merchants will be able to track the agents in a similar way to the admin and thus manage the operations on their dashboard.

The admin on the other hand can monitor everything that the merchant is doing on his dashboard and can see all his tasks in the admin panel

Steps to check the Merchant tasks on the Admin panel –
1. Switch to map view on Admin panel
2. From the drop down in the black bar on the top select the merchant name instead of admin only.
This will allow the admin to view tasks of that particular merchant

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