An agent is now capable to perform another task while doing the first in one go with Pooling when using the Batch Wise auto allocation method. Currently, the pooling feature works for the tasks created on the dashboard or from API.

To Enabling Pooling:

Go to MENU > Settings > Auto Allocation > Select Batch Wise Allocation > Enable Pooling toggle.

Pooling Parameters:

  • Threshold Radius (KM): is the radius within which you want the agent to get the second pool task.
  • Waiting Time at First Pickup(Minutes): Maximum interval between completion of the first task and beginning of the second task. This will affect ETA and SLA of second order.
  • ETA at Pickup (Minutes): refers to ETA of the agent’s arrival at the next pick-up point. It is the maximum time taken to reach the pickup location.
  • SLA of Delivery (Minutes): refers to the total time from the start of pickup to delivery completion. It is the maximum time taken to go from pickup to the delivery location.
  • Send Push to Busy Agent in First Slot: this can be enabled or disabled.

NOTE: If ETA or SLA are defined 0, then that condition will not be taken for consideration in pooling.

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