How to integrate Stripe Connect with Tookan?

Integrate Stripe Connect with Tookan and automate payments to your agents. you can calculate the agent’s earnings as per the formula set in the Agent Earning and Customer Pricing.

It allows you to make automatic payments of the Agents Earning.

You can also schedule the payments.

firstly Get your agents registered on Stripe Connect

View transaction history on admin account

therefore Agents can also view their transaction history in Agent app.

hence Integrate with Tookan and automate payments to your agents.

Steps for fetching Stripe keys:

(A) Go to the stripe dashboard

(B) Admin can now go to developers section

(C) Click on API keys, and voila you have your keys.

Steps to activate Stripe connect on Tookan:

  1. firstly Activate the add-on from Tookan Extensions.
  2. Then, Configure by entering the keys required.
  3. Set the earning rule for your agents after activating the Agent Earning & Customer Pricing add-on.
  4. The earning will transfer to the agent’s bank account by Stripe.
  5. Admin can view the transaction history in Stripe History tab in Settings. Agents can view their transaction history in Agent App.
    Once you will enable it then once the payment is deducted from the customer’s account, complete payment will be transferred to the admin’s account. Once the agent will mark the task as successful then earning/commission will be transferred from the admin account to the agent’s account.

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