Product Updates

December 2022

Bulk Import History

In the settings Panel on the Tookan admin dashboard, we have added a new section named “Bulk Import History”. From this section, the Tookan admin user can track and view the progress of the Bulk Task CSVs that are imported into their Tookan account. The admin can view details like uploaded by, upload time and date, and the number of successful & failed task entries. Admin can also download the individual successful and failed reports.

“Bulk Import History” option in Settings
Data logs of bulk import

Scan to Assign

The “Scan to Assign” functionality has been optimized for use by the delivery agents in the Tookan Logistic flow. Earlier delivery agents could use this feature only in Tookan DMS (delivery management system) flow.

“Scan to Assign” allows delivery agents to scan the barcodes on the parcels/packages and assign tasks to themselves in real-time. The delivery agents can access this option in the left-hand side menu on their agent mobile application. Kindly refer to screenshots below:

Home screen on Tookan Agent Mobile Application
Left-hand side menu Tookan Agent Mobile Application

Please note that while creating a parcel you must either attach a barcode manually or enable an automatic barcode generation by enabling our “Automatic Barcode & Waybill Generator” extension.

Extension link:

“Validate Identity (OTP)” extension

There are two updates on this extension:

  1. Now the users can enable the “Validate Identity (OTP)” extension within the Tookan Logistics flow as well. Kindly note that the OTP will be sent for validation for the first-mile and last-mile tasks only for statuses-Started/Arrived/Successful. Validation in case of a middle mile i.e hub-to-hub delivery is not applicable at present.
  2. We have provided the option to choose for which tasks OTP validation is required. The options are as follows:
    • Pickup: If you choose “Pickup” then the OTP validation will apply only to the pickup tasks and not to the delivery tasks.
    • Delivery: If you choose “Delivery” then the OTP validation will apply only to the delivery tasks and not to the pickup tasks.
    • Pickup & Delivery: If you choose “Pickup & Delivery” then the OTP validation will apply for both pickup and delivery tasks.

The above configurations can be done from the “Validate Identity (OTP)” extension’s page.

Extension link:

You can also avail of the option to send the OTP to end customers via WhatsApp.

Customer Profile Picture

We have optimized the ability for the admin user to view the profile picture of the customers who have uploaded their profile picture via the Tookan customer mobile application.

Admin can view the profile picture in the “Customer” section on the admin dashboard corresponding to that respective customer information.

The admin can also upload a profile picture for a customer from the admin dashboard.

Note: Admin can only upload a profile picture for customers marked as a “Form user”.

View and upload customer profile pictures on the admin dashboard

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