Expert Dashboard


      This is the hero section of the Expert Dashboard and gives a glimpse of the expert’s earnings, schedule, how many chats have been taken by the expert and what is the response rate on the expert’s profile.


      Courses is a really exciting feature that lets experts show a screen while explaining the same in the background. From this section, experts can not only add their courses to the platform, but can also view all the courses added by them so far.
      To know how to add courses please refer to the “VIDEO COURSES BLOG “ under Key features


      To know the number of users enrolled to your courses, experts can refer to this section, wherein you can get complete details of the course enrollers like Course Name, Enrolled by, Enrolled on, percentage of the course completed by the user and lastly the course amount


      Once you signup as an expert on a platform, it is mandatory to add a listing for yourself so as to make yourself available for consultation. An expert would not be able to extend any consultation services, until he/she has a listing on the platform.

      Learn how to add a create a listing in Configurations- Expert Dashboard section


      Experts can set their timezone and working hours from this section of the platform, which reflects in the form of online/offline status to users at the time of visiting their profile.



      An expert can control all settings of his expert dashboard from this section. Main highlights of the settings  section include: 

      A. Setting up GOOGLE CALENDER
      Experts can sync their google calender with panther dashboard to remain updated about their upcoming appointments.

      B. Choosing a Language preference
      Panther being a multilingual platform, can be accessed in various languages , depending on the languages added by the admin. An expert can choose the most viable option from the multiple languages added by the admin.

      C. Set your work currency
      Since Panther is a multi-currency platform , experts can choose the desirable currency ( to accept payments) from the list of currencies added by the admin in the Admin dashboard

      D. Notification preferences
      Experts can choose to get notified about activities assigned on them, new assigned conversations and any mentions of them in a conversation through web notifications, mobile notifications and email notifications. To enable notifications, simply put a check against the desired options.


      Experts can view the list of Ongoing, Upcoming and past bookings in this section, for whether the booking made was for group session, appointment or instant consultation by simply clicking the drop down menu on the top right corner of the section.

    9. POSTS

      A super exciting feature, which gives more power to experts in terms of promoting themselves on the marketplace and social media is posts
      Posting regularly will help experts to engage with the audience, share news about their offerings/listings and build social presence.

      Learn how to add posts from the “Marketing Tools section”


      Experts can create a customised package of their services for users to avail sessions and appointments in a comparatively economic price, rather than paying individually for sessions and appointments.

      Learn how to create packages from Configurations- Expert Dashboard section.


      Choose the way to grab the attention of your potential customers by creating a promo code for your listings and courses.

      Learn how to create promo codes from the Marketing Tools section

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