Cancellation Policy

Cancellation policy is to be configured at the admin level and enable users of the platform to cancel an order. Admin can add the cancellation policy defining the cancellation amount to be deducted at different level   (i.e when the order is still pending or accepted). Cancellation policy can be further […]

How Security Deposits work

How does an Admin enable Security Deposits? Since Security Deposits  currently work with only a few payment gateways, admins can request our technical team to get the feature enabled from backend. Once enabled, admin will be find the option to enable it for the platform by going to the Admin […]

Choosing A Minimum Transaction Size

If payments are enabled in your Tiger marketplace, you need to define a minimum transaction size—in other words, the smallest amount that an item can be purchased for. PayPal charges a fee for each transaction so does Stripe, and this fee always includes a fixed amount (for instance, in USD, […]