Set-up Customer Subscription

Subscriptions models are the business models in which customers pay a recurring price at regular intervals to get access to the products. If you have a marketplace with Yelo, you can also set up a subscription for the customers.

To set up the customer subscription:

  1. In the left-hand sidebar of the dashboard, click on Settings -> Customers -> Customer settings
  2. In this page, scroll down and go to Customer Subscription. Toggle on the customer subscription button. (Make sure to enable payment gateway first.)
  3. Click on Add Plan and a new dialog box will open up.
  4. Enter the desired information here and hit save.
  5. Below, you will find all types of subscriptions. You can create different subscription plans for the customers.
  6. Once your customers will visit your website. Here is how they go about the process:
  • They go to your business website and log in or create a new account by entering the required details.
  • After entering details, they can choose the custom subscription plan that they want to choose.
  • They can click on ‘Choose Plan’ and proceed with the payment.

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