How can we provide discounts on a specific store?

  • Marketing 
  • Discount
  • Select Store from dropdown on top left
  • Click Set Discount Button
  • Enter Discount value & dates
  • Click add

How to add a discount to a product?

  • Marketing
  • Discount
  • Select Store from dropdown on top left
  • Select Add Discount button under Product Wise Discount
  • Fill discount values and dates.
  • Click Add
  • Select product in General section  and edit.
  • Assign product discount and save.

Can we apply discounts on add-ons of products?

Yes. You can enable or disable the toggle named Discount On Addons

Are discounts applied on taxes?

Taxes are applied after discounts are reduced from the price.

Can we allow a maximum limit of discount under percentage discount?

Yes. This can be applied only on product-wise discounts while adding details. Once set discount would not exceed the specified value.


What is an ad banner and how to add it?

The purpose of a promotional banner is to promote a store. It can be used to display offers, new available items or discounts, etc.

Follow these steps to enable

  • Marketing
  • Promotions
  • Ad banners
  • Enable the toggle and add banners

What should be the resolution of ad banners?

  • Banner Image For Web (1920×360 px)
  • Banner Image For Mobile Web (768×384 px)
  • Banner Image For Native Mobile Apps
    (1920×480 px)* / (768×384 px)**

 Can we add an external link or store page to an ad banner?

Yes. You can link a banner to a specific store or an external link. When the customer will click on this banner, he/she will be redirected to this link.


How does referral work?

A referral is an excellent marketing technique to expand the customer base and increase sales. An already existing customer may refer to the new user with a code which when applied would give discounts to both the users thereby promoting sales.

How to enable referral schemes?

In the marketing section, go to Promotions then Referrals & enter details.

Can we set a maximum amount of discount through referrals?

Yes. If the percentage discount exceeds the maximum set value, the system would not provide a discount more than the maximum value entered.

Can we check how many users used the referral scheme?

Yes. Under Referral Section. Referral Statistics would help you to analyze and record how many users availed benefits from this tool. 

How to enable referral code at the time of signup?

Move the toggle under Marketing<<Promotions<<Referral<<Enable Referral Code On Customer Signup.

1.  How can I allow a single user to Avail one promo code multiple times?

Go to Marketing-Promotions-Promo Codes

Click on edit and enable the Allow Single User To Use The Code Multiple Times? * toggle on

2.  How many Promo application modes are there in Yelo?

There are three kinds of Promo application modes in Yelo. 1. Public, 2. Hidden, 3 Auto apply

3. How can I add Promo codes for a single merchant? 

 You can allow the single merchant to provide promo codes by clicking on Marketing-Promotions-Promo Codes and then got to edit the promo code and select the merchant you want under the Assign restaurants option

4. Is it possible to give discounts only on products?

Yes, You can do so. By going under Marketing-Promotions-Promo Codes click on edit promo code and you can select Product only under Promotion Applied On option

5. What is the promo code in Yelo?

Promo codes are exclusive discount vouchers that can be redeemed by the customers during the checkout process. You can create customized promotional codes with a detailed description that will be visible to your customers on the web and mobile apps.

6. Why Promo code is not showing on the checkout page.

It can be possible if the promo code is expired on its being used multiple times. Go to Marketing-Promotions-Promo Codes click on edit promo code and check the Promotion application mode and date.

7. Can I allow users to earn loyalty points when they use the promo code? 

Yes, you can do so by going under  Marketing-Promotions-Promo Codes click on edit promo code and enable the Allow Loyalty Points To Be Earned If This Promo Code Is Applied? option.

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