WhatsApp Widget

WhatsApp widget is a feature available to you with the  Conversational Support platform.

You can enable it to replace the web widget as well as use it along. It enables you to help your visitors on their favourite social media app.

WhatsApp widget

Follow the steps to enable the WhatsApp widget:

  • Click on the setting icon on the left bar ( )
  • Click on the last icon named Whatsapp Widget (WhatsApp widget)
  • Fill in the details

WhatsApp widget customisation


  • Title: Jarvis
  • Subtitle: from Jungleworks
  • Default message: Hey there! How can I help you?
  • Default user reply text: Hi

After filling your phone no. it will look like this to your users:

Whatsapp widget example

The phone no. that you add here will be visible to your customers. They will receive messages on their WhatsApp from this no.


On toggling “Enable WhatsApp Widget/Redirect”, you save all the settings and the WhatsApp widget is enabled.


On toggling the “Enable WhatsApp to redirect by default for all the widgets”, the widget goes live to your website and apps.


In case you want to remove the widget from any of the pages, showwhatsappredirect=false in the script


In case you want to put only WhatsApp on the page, showwhatsappwidget=true in the script

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