Push Notifications

With Push notifications, you have the freedom and flexibility to automate notifications based on user behaviour on your app or site. You can also segment your audiences to ensure that the content you’re sending is relevant, timely, and personalized. If your push notification platform doesn’t offer these features, find one that does.

Compared to other forms of marketing, push notifications have much higher open rates and can help you in:

  • Providing Timely Updates or Urgent News
  • Reducing Abandoned Carts
  • Showcasing New Content


Push Notifications are used for:

  • Informative messages
  • Geolocation messages
  • Catch-up messages
  • Promotional messages
  • Rating or survey messages


Push notifications are of two types:

Web Push

Subscribers can be anywhere on the web and still receive these messages as long as they’re connected to the internet or have their browsers open.
The power of push notifications comes from their ability to dynamically change the way you engage with and retain users. Push is a channel that gives you complete control, contrary to other retention tools.


Mobile Push

A mobile app push notification is a message sent to a customer’s mobile device by an application. Customers who have downloaded your mobile app and opted in to receive messages can receive push alerts.


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