Live Campaign

Live Campaigns enable you to create and deliver personalised emails, SMS, push notifications, WhatsApp and in-app messages based on a customer lifecycle and behaviour.

The goal of a live campaign is to create a personalised customer experience with help of triggers and omnichannel engagements.

The way live campaigns work is you create various journeys for your customers from ideal signup-buy-feedback to something like no ordering, cart abandonment, etc. You introduce triggers and any actions by customers upon them enable a new journey.

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How to set up a new journey

Log into Hippo and follow the steps:

> Engagement Automation
> Live Campaign
> Select Template
> Choose the template and put in start/end time.
> Review/edit the journey
> Set up the builder

In case you want to build a unique journey that is not included in the templates, follow the below steps:

> Engagement Automation
> Live Campaign
> Create Custom Campaign
> Fill in the details and click next
> Select segment for trigger
> Click on Action and add action data (you can create multiple
> Check the preview and Save Action Data


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