RFM Analysis

RFM Metrics

RFM metric helps you to understand your contact’s buying behavior. It helps you to understand the recency, frequency, and monetary value of each of your contacts so that you can segment your contacts and market to them accordingly. You can view this data for the current day, the day on day, week on week, month on month, or for a custom date range.

It allows you to target specific clusters of contacts with communications that are much more relevant for their particular behavior – and thus generate much higher rates of response, plus increased loyalty and contact lifetime value. You can also treat your best contacts with discounts or vouchers occasionally and invite others with offers to be your best customers.


Note 1: It includes contacts with at least 1 order only. For users without any order, you can create a separate segment under the segments screen.
Note 2: It gets updated with every completed order. Refresh to view the real-time matrix from the refresh icon on the top right of the RFM metric menu screen.

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