How to Integrate your Shadowfax Flash Account with Tookan?

How to Integrate your Shadowfax Flash Account with Tookan?

Tookan is a cloud-based platform designed to revolutionize real-time tracking and field management for businesses of all sizes. By leveraging Tookan , Businesses can Increase their operational efficiency , Enhance customer satisfaction , Reduce costs and increase profitability , Gain a competitive edge in their respective markets .
Integrating Shadowfax Flash and Tookan offers a powerful solution for businesses to streamline their delivery operations, enhance customer experience . By embracing automation, real-time visibility, and data-driven insights, businesses can unlock the full potential of their delivery network and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

The integration process is very simple and takes only a few minutes to set up. Here’s a step by step guide: 

1. Go to Shadowfax Flash Sign Up or Login Page by clicking on the following link and create an account:

    2. Get your Credit key from Shadowfax Flash Dashboard . Click on the button shown in image below and select Edit Profile, then go to the Flash Credit Key tab and get your credit key.

      3. Go to Tookan Extensions page ( and search for Delivery Orchestration and click on it.

        4. Click on the Activate button.

          5. Go to Tookan Dashboard ( and click on the Setting tab from the left side menu.

            6. Click on the Delivery Orchestration tab and search for the ShadowfaxFlash in the given list and select the fields as per your requirement.

            7. Click on the button as shown in image below and then click on Edit.

              8. Get API Token by contacting Shadowfax Flash support. Enter your API token, Credit Key, your Brand Name and Shadowfax Flash registered Phone Number.

              9. Enable the extension as shown below.

              10. Now, Integration of Shadowfax Flash with Tookan is completed and tasks will move from Tookan to Shadowfax Flash successfully. You will see your orders on the Shadowfax Flash Dashboard as shown in the image below.

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