Admin Dashboard -Configure Section


    In this section you can whitelabel the platform by changing the logo, cover photo, a new theme for the marketplace, marketplace description colour.
    One can also choose the default browse view of the marketplace to grid /list view.


    In this section, you can setup the home page of the platform from the ready templates available. This video explains the complete setup of the landing page.



Create Subscription plans for Experts . As an admin it gives you an additional revenue stream to promote plans with value added features as mentioned below, for fixed duration.

  1. Doesn’t require listing verification – All listings created by experts will be auto verified.
  2. Host Multiple Sessions – Number of group sessions experts can host according to plan duration.
  3. Host multiple appointments- Number of 1-on-1 appointments experts can have according to plan duration.
  4. Get X number of featured listings – Number of featured listings experts can have according to plan duration.
  5. Get commission concession (X%) – X% will be deducted from admin’s commission according to set commission rate.


Now change the terminologies as per your use case for common terms in this section.


Add user fields while signing up to get any information from users or experts. You can create different type of user fields:

-Text: users can add some free text in this field.
-Number: users can add some numeric value in this field, you can decide to allow decimals or not and set up minimum and maximum value.
-Dropdown: users can select one value from a list you defined.
-Checkbox group: users can select one or more values from a list you defined.
-Date: users can add a date via this field.

 ** Making the field mandatory when signing up**
You can select whether or not to make the field mandatory when new members sign up. If you make it mandatory, it will show in the signup form and users need to fill it out (or select at least one option) when signing up to the platform. If you add a field to the signup form after some users have already signed up, this field will become a mandatory field to fill for a user when trying to update their profile information.


Order types determine how the order process works in your site. You can decide whether your users are providing consultation, or perhaps just posting announcements .You can freely choose which order types you have in your marketplace.
You can have as many order types as you like.You can choose with which categories each order type is connected. Order types are named “listing types” on the user side of the marketplace.
To learn how to set up order types please refer to “Configuration- Admin dashboard” section


Enable recurring subscriptions from the checkbox to ensure payment is automatically deducted from expert’s card for the next billing cycle.


You can manage social media logins from this section. In other words, users will be able to sign up through their Facebook, Google or Linkedin account.User has to enable the desired login from this section and then follow some simple steps.
For detailed information on how to setup social media logins please refer to Admin dashboard Configurations section.

9. SEO

Search engines (such as Google) are a natural way for users to find your marketplace.
In order to be able to be listed in the search results, your marketplace is indexed by the search engines. To improve your listing position, there are a few things you can do to help. These actions are called Search Engine Optimization (or SEO).
For detailed information on how to setup social media logins please refer to blog ” Setting up SEO” under Marketing Tools


 Set up this section to charge commissions from expert to use your platform. Commissions can be set on the marketplace level and can also vary depending on the expert.
For detailed information on how to setup social media logins please refer to blog ” Commissions and Payouts” under KEY FEATURES


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