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    How To Add Another User As Admin
    If you work on your project as a team, it is good to have many people with administrator privileges in your marketplace. You can set someone as an admin from the Manage users tab in your admin panel, by checking the Admin checkbox in front of their name and email. To remove a user as an admin , simply uncheck the checkbox

    Please note: Only users signed up a customer can be shared the admin access. Users signed up as an expert cannot be made an admin.


    By default when you open the Listings section, all listings are displayed. After a search, you can click the Show all button next to the Search button to display all listings again.


    Bookings section gives you the complete details of all the bookings on the platform, whether the booking is for the admin or any other consultant rendering services


    In this section, view all the courses added by all the experts in the platform. Add on demand video courses in correspondence to an expert profile. Under video courses , add video lessons, MCQ quiz and enable certification to be provided at the time of completion of the course.
    To learn how to add video courses, refer to the blog “Video Courses “under Key features


    This section shows the list of experts who have subscribed to any subscription plan. Admin can see information related to expert name, expert email, subscription plan enrolled for, plan amount, purchased date of subscription and expiry date of subscription.


    Monitor all the payouts of the experts under this section. You can fetch all details related to the payouts such as the expert name and email, to whom payout has been made, transaction date, payout amount and status of the payout (whether processed or pending)


    Being the admin of the platform, you can see all the conversations in this section.On top right corner you can see the option to access your chat dashboard.
    The chat dashboard has various configurations which helps the admin to set the working hours and various such settings related to the expert.

    Also enable the payment gateway from this section by going to chat dashboard> settings> payment methods


    In this section, get all the details related to all the payment gateways enabled in the platform and all the currencies enabled in the marketplace since panther supports multiple currencies.
    You can also set up your payment gateway from this section by clicking on the link provided. Once you click on the link you will be redirected to Chat dashboard> go to settings> payment methods to setup your payment gateway.


    Admin can add a manager to manage the team of experts and their correlated features on the admin panel for below mentioned features.

    • Expert’s Profile
    • Listings
    • Courses
    • Bookings
    • ChatsHow to set up:-
      Go to Admin Panel > Teams > Add Team
      Go to Admin Panel > Manager > Add Manager

      Once a manager is added an automated welcome email is triggered to reset password on their registered email id.
      An expert can be part of multiple teams and Manager can be assigned multiple teams of experts to manage them.
  10. Send Email To (A Part Of) Your Users

    There are many instances where you, as a marketplace operator, might want to communicate directly with all, or part, of your community. There might be important news you need to share, special offers that you want to make, or simply (but perhaps most importantly) you want to ask them for feedback on their experience on your marketplace.
    If you wish to send messages to individual users we offer a messaging feature that you can use for this.

    Panther offers a way to do that directly from the Admin Panel. You can find this feature, called Send email to users, underneath the Users & Transactions section.

    The feature itself is pretty straight forward:

    • select who you want to email
    • write the body
    • click Send an emailĀ 

    Analytics section shows the analytic representation of all data related to experts, users , transactions and revenue.

    Platform Analytics
    Following are some highlights of the analytics page:

    -Data on appointments, revenue, users and experts
    -Real-time data
    -Ability to extract reports
    -Ability to extract individual data for payments of instant consultations and In-chat payments
    -Filter based on experts and date range

    One can also add his Google Analytics id in this section so as to manage on platform related data on Google Analytics dashboard.


    The Analytics page classifies data in the following four sections:

    Real Time: In this tab, you can view live data pertaining to live consultations, live customers, live experts, live experts/ customer signups and live revenue.
    -Transactions And Revenue: This tab features sections for daily/ monthly transactions and revenue per client basis. To download any of this data, click on the drop down menu corresponding to the report and select the download option
    -Users: Here, you can view data for User transacting client, non transacting clients and daily customer signups.


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