Admin Dashboard- Part 2


1. Logo & Colour: This section allows you to add some design to your marketplace
Design configurations include-
-Adding a logo for your web platform and mobile view,
-Selecting the marketplace theme/main colour
-Adding a cover photo, selecting a default browse view
– Adding the favicon
– Adding Custom Scripts: Explore the custom scripts option to add an extra design element to your platform or add any integrations to your platform only by simply adding the code to this section

2. Landing Page
You can configure the Web and App Landing page through this section
Setting up the landing page/ home page is very important for the platform. A home page is generally the primary web page a visitor navigates to a website from a search engine .

3. Selecting a Theme: You can select an appropriate theme for his platform through this section.

4. Setting up Top Bar
The top bar of the platform can be configured from this section such as editing static content pages or adding new pages

5. Setting up Footer
The footer can be configured from here . Configurations which can be done are choosing a colour, adding social media links and app links.


1. Creating Promo Codes
Currently in Panther , promo codes can be added for listings and Courses. Promo codes are configurable both at the admin and expert level .

2. Referrals 
Customer Referrals are a great way to attract user base to the platform. Admin can configure Referral value from this section

3. Welcome Email: Through this section, admin can configure the welcome email received by the users on signing up.

4. Email Users:
At instances when a marketplace operator, might want to communicate directly with all, or part, of the community, this section can be used to send emails to the users



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