Configuring Webhooks and API’s

Communication is a key driver in the digital era. As humans, we want technology to help us communicate faster, easier, and with more people. But for that to happen, we had to first find a way to make technologies talk to each other.

That’s where APIs and webhooks come into play.

Both webhooks and APIs facilitate syncing and relaying data between two applications. However, both have different means of doing so and thus serve slightly different purposes.To put it simply, an API does stuff when you ask it to, while a Webhook does stuff on its own when certain criteria or TRIGGER events are met or scenarios take place.
An API can be used from a server to communicate with your platform. Through that communication, the API can List, Create, Edit, or Delete items. The API needs to be given instructions, though.

Webhooks on the other hand are automated calls from your platform to a server. Those calls are triggered when a specific event happens on your platform. For example, if a new user signs up on, the automated call will help in logging the data to the server which can be used further accordingly.

Panther platform has both webhook and open API available which can be used accordingly based on the intended use.



To setup, a webhook all you have to do is register a URL with the company proving the service you’re requesting data from. That URL will accept data and can activate a workflow to turn the data into something useful.

1) Fetch the webhook URL from the third-party app you want to send data to.
2) Add the URL by going to Admin Dashboard > Configure > Webhook and Api> Add URL


We have 3 events for the Webhook Trigger-

1. Expert Signup
2. Customer Signups
3. Transaction details

You Need To enable the trigger point. For example you want the Webhook to be triggered at expert signup or customer signup or both by clicking on the check box shown in above image .


API in Panther 

The Difference between Webhook and API is webhook is trigger-based and only get activated when Certain process takes place on the platform. Whereas an API will be triggered whenever you need it to be.

In Panther we have 6 Open APIs available

1) Get Listing Details

2) Get Expert Details

3) Get Course Details

4) Get Session Details

5) Get Package Details

6) Listing search 


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