Panther- Expert Dashboard- Part 1

Watch a demo of the Expert Dashboard ( Part 1) or read the Article below:

This tab gives a glimpse of the profile of the expert. Further functionalities include the following:

Share profile link- Share your profile link with your existing clientele to bring them to the platform. The link is created automatically when the expert signups to the platform.

Share package link- Now experts can promote their packages ( if any) to their users. Promoting packages encourages users to buy a package of appointments/ courses/ group sessions rather than single bookings

Records of the chats- Next to the share profile link we have 4 blocks for the record of the chats which are classified in 4 major sections

  1. Response rate-  Shows the response rate of the expert towards incoming chats
  2. Total chats- Shows the number of total  incoming chats
  3. Unread Messages- Shows the number of unread messages ( if any)
  4. Active Chats- Shows the number of active chats

On duty- Just above the total chats we have on duty option, which can be activated and deactivated by the expert according to their availability.

Your earning- It keeps the record of the transactions done and further includes details like;

1.Total earning- Total amount of transactions till date.
2.This month- Total amount of transactions in the current month.
3.Previous month- Total amount of transactions in the previous month.


This tab, shows all the chats received by the expert. Chats can be filtered/ sorted on the basis of user, email, date etc


This tab shows all the bookings of the expert. Bookings may be divided into Completed or Upcoming bookings and will be prominent with the tag of either status.



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