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Learn how to set up LINKEDIN Login through this tutorial video or could follow the steps mentioned below:



In a Panther marketplace, users can create a Panther user account and log in using their  LinkedIn account. When using their LinkedIn credentials, users don’t need to remember a  separate username and password for Panther. Their profile picture is automatically imported  from LinkedIn.

If you would like to enable that feature, you will need to create a LinkedIn Sign In app and  configure your marketplace to use this app. Creating a LinkedIn Sign In app is free. Follow  the instructions below to set this up.  

IMPORTANT! When creating a LinkedIn Sign In app for your marketplace, please do NOT  add anything that is not specifically indicated in this instruction. Doing so might create some  issues and prevent you from finishing the setup.  

Create and set up a LinkedIn Sign In app

1. Go to
2. Log in with your LinkedIn account (you may have to register as a developer if you don’t have a LinkedIn account already).
3. Name your app (for example your marketplace name).
4. Enter your company name (you can use your own name or marketplace name too).
5. Add an “App description”.
6. Add an “App logo”. It should be a square of at least 100px*100px.
7. Add an admin (Business) email.
8. Make sure that “Sign in with LinkedIn” with listed in the “Products” section.
9. Accept the terms and click “Create app”.
10. From the top bar, go to the “Auth” section.
11. In the “OAuth 2.0 settings” section, edit “Redirect URLs:”.
12. Click “+ Add redirect URL”. In the field, add your marketplace address followed by /people/auth/linkedin/callback

– If you are on a Growth/Premium plan, it could be: or-

— If you are on a trial plan, it could be:

13. Click “Update”

Your app is now created, configured and live. But this isn’t finished yet! You now have to configure it in your marketplace to use it.

Configure your LinkedIn Sign In app in your marketplace

You’ll have to copy some information about your LinkedIn Sign In app from LinkedIn to use it within your marketplace. If you haven’t created a LinkedIn Sign In app at LinkedIn yet, please follow the instructions above.
1. Go to
2. Open your LinkedIn app.
3. From the top bar, go to the “Auth” section.
4. In the “Application credentials” section, copy the value in “Client ID”. It’s a long chain of characters and numbers.
5. Log in your marketplace. You must be logged as an administrator.
6. Open the admin panel.
7. In the left-hand menu, click “Social media”.
8. Find the “LinkedIn Sign In” section.
9. In “LinkedIn Client ID”, paste the value “Client ID” you copied earlier.
10. Go back to your App at LinkedIn, in the same section you were.
11. Click the eye icon in “Client Secret” to “Reveal the Client Secret” and copy the value revealed. It’s a long chain of characters and numbers.
12. Go back to the “Social media” settings in your marketplace.
13. Paste the copied “Client secret” string into the “LinkedIn Client Secret” field
14. Click “Save settings”

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