Integrating XERO with Panther

Xero is a cloud-based accounting software platform for small- and medium-sized businesses

Follow the below steps to integrate Xero with your Panther platform:

Step 1: Admin panel>Advanced>Email preferences>Enable Xero

Go to the bottom and click on save settings

Step 2 : Admin panel>Configure>Connect Xero

Step 3: Signup and create and account on Xero. Link: You will receive an email from Xero for account verification. Click on the link and verify your account.

Step 4: Once the account is created, login into developer account of Xero. Link:

Step 5: Go to My Apps in developer Xero dashboard. Create New App.

Step 6: Add following details while creating new app

  1. App Name
  2. Choose integration as Web App
  3. Add domain url to company or application url. For example:
  4. Add OAuth 2.0 redirect URIs. Set your redirect url as
  5. Create App

Step 7: Copy client id and client secret key

Step 8: Paste client id and client secret key on the admin dashboard. Click on connect Xero and allow access to Xero


Watch this video to learn how to Learn and Integrate XERO

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