Learn more about the Advertisement section in Panther

In this article we will discuss the Advertisement option present in Panther admin dashboard and how you can use it .

What can it be used for ?

The advertisement option in panther can be used in multiple unique ways but to capture the essence of true functionality we will deep dive in three cases where their usage can be properly understood . It basically is a popup which will appear when someone comes on the platform and can be customised as desired.

1. It can be used as an announcement . For example you have made some changes in your platform and you want a way where when people browse the platform they can be aware about the changes , In this case advertisement can be used where you can set the advertisement popup in such a way that it conveys your information whenever someone comes up on the platform . Another example is you can create this advertisement to promote a new Promocode or offers you want to promote hence increasing sales .

2. To announce your upcoming apps , Now this is useful for users who have an app subscription with us . You can use this feature to create a popup informing your user about the upcoming app and can create a buzz.

3. To promote third party platforms :-This can be useful when you are doing affiliate marketing , wherever a platform is paying you to promote them on your platform you can use advertisement function to create an ad popup for third party promotions .

Please note : only a single popup can be added using the advertisement option. Multiple popups is not available in Panther currently.

What it cannot be used for ?

1. It is not a third party advertisement service; the ads created by you will only be visible on the platform created by you in the form of a popup.

2. Not affiliated with any social media marketing just a way to pass information or show some ads to people visiting your platform .


Where can you find it and how do you set it up?

1)Login in to your admin dashboard and scroll down to the Advertisements tab under Configure

2) You will get all the option to customize your ad and  all the options will be visible in advertisement option

You can add a background of your choice it can be a colour or image
You can add a clickable button to redirect user to relevant page or information when they click on it
You can add a description explaining your information or advertisement and several other enhancements can be made.

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