Panther – Expert dashboard- Part 3

Watch a demo of the Expert Dashboard ( Part 3) or read the Article below:


A. Profile Info: This section shows all the profile related details of the expert such as Email, Contact No etc

B. Account: This section consists of information like login details, settings for notification preferences and option to delete account

C. Subscriptions: As an expert you might have to enroll to a subscription plan for using the platform. 
** Subscriptions depend on the admin alone, whether or not he wants to charge his experts for using the platform**
In case subscriptions are mandatory for the expert,
he /she will mandatorily have to enroll to a plan before rendering any services.



This is more of a configuration section for the expert. Various options available on the expert dashboard are as follows:

A. Choosing a preferred language

B. Setting up desired currency

C. Setting up working hours: Setting up working hours is a very crucial part of configuring the expert dashboard. Working hours define your availability hours for users to book appointment/ consultations.
**A user will be unable to book an appointment with an expert, outside of expert’s working hours**

D. Setting up Zoom/ Daily: Experts can choose to configure Zoom or Daily for providing consultations rather than using the standard software of panther.

E. Payouts: This section shows all the payouts from the admin, for the consultations given.

F. My Packages: The expert can create a package of their sessions and appointments and post it for the users to avail the services. The same will be reflected  when the customer goes to the expert’s profile.

G. Package subscribers: Experts can see the list of users who have subscribed to their packages in this tab.

H. Promo Code: Promo codes are used by Customers during checkout. They contains a variety of features: from fixed discount to percentage discount, time till the code is active, maximum discount amount allowed, minimum order amount on which promo code can be applied, whether promotion is public, auto apply or hidden and many other features.

In order to create a promo code.
> Click on create promo code
> Choose where to apply promo code(on course or listings)
> Chose promotion type (flat or percentage)
> Add other details like name, description, validity, mode etc.
> Save

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