How To Change The Layout, Edit Texts Or Add Custom Scripts In Your Tiger Marketplace?

Administrators can add custom CSS or JavaScript to Tiger marketplaces. With this feature, you can customise the way your marketplace works or looks, and can add third-party scripts (such as the Google Search Console verification or a Facebook tracking pixel code).

Custom scripts are added to the <head> tag of each page in your marketplace. Custom scripts are active on all pages, for all users (whether they are logged in or not). Custom scripts are not active in pages of the admin panel.

This feature can be dangerous and should only be used by administrators who know what they are doing. In a worst-case scenario, your marketplace might be unable to load and be unavailable for users. Some technical knowledge is required to write custom code.

NOTE: Modifications made with custom scripts might break with page layout changes. As custom scripts can modify any part of the page, we have no way to guarantee that it will continue to work when changes are made to Tiger . Keep this in mind and use this with caution.

Due to the reasons mentioned above, custom scripts should only be used carefully. If you’re trying to change the way Tiger works, we’re always listening to ideas, so contact us!

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