How To Edit The Profile On Behalf Of Another User?

Sometimes you would like to be able to help your users update their profile information. Other times you want to remove sensitive information from a user profile or improve the quality of the information provided, like adding an image when someone has forgotten to add one.

How to access the “Edit user profile” feature

You can access the “Edit profile” feature in two ways

A) Via the shortcut in the Users table in your admin panel
-Log in to your marketplace with an admin account
-Go to the Users section in your admin panel
-Find the user you want to edit
-Click the pencil (Edit) icon on their row

B) Via the user profile
-Browse the user profile
-Click the “Edit profile” button in the “Admin actions” section

Editing the users’ profile

You can simply edit the user’s profile exactly as you would do your own. You will notice that there is a banner clearly indicating the name of the user whose profile you are modifying
Don’t forget to click the save button at the end of the form to save the information

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