What is Tiger?

Tiger is a peer-to-peer marketplace platform and can be used for renting, selling, offering services or even giving things away for free. With the help of order types, you can create a marketplace type that suits your needs.

You can choose to accept online payments , cash or only facilitate the contact. The person who sets up the marketplace will be the admin of the marketplace and he can choose to let everyone or a select few create listings on the marketplace.
Tiger can therefore be used for example as customer-to-customer (C2C), vendors-to-vendors (B2B) or vendors-to-users (B2C). It all depends on the idea that you have.

What Are The Marketplace Types We Support?

Tiger is quite special as we do not support only one marketplace type but different ones and these can be combined in one and the same marketplace.
On our feature page we mention renting, selling and booking services as possibilities, which are the most common used marketplace types but these are not the only ones.

For marketplace you can also for example have requesting, giving away (free), posting announcements or something completely custom. You can have any marketplace type you wish as long as it is supported by our order flow – the buyer pays the seller, or there is no monetary transaction.

Can Tiger Be Used For More Than One Type Of Marketplace, For Example
Both Selling And Renting?

Yes you can use Tiger for more than one type of marketplace. You can for example have renting and requesting the same marketplace. On the marketplace these different types are called “order types” and you can edit them as needed.
When you sign up to a trial you need to choose one marketplace type but once you are on your marketplace you can go to “order types” in your admin panel to add or change the order type(s) in use.


Can Tiger Be Used As A Multi Vendor Marketplace?

Yes you can use Tiger as a multi vendor marketplace.Tiger was created to be used with multiple providers. You can have a marketplace where all users have the ability to create listings or you can restrict the ability to create listings to the users of your choice.

Each user creates their own listings and take care of their own transactions and customer contact. If a user has open listings they will be displayed on their profile that works like a storefront. The user can also add a display name if they want to use a different one from their name.

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