Introduction to TIGER

Q1. Can I use my marketplace with multiple languages?
Yes, as long as the system supports them, you can keep your marketplace in as many languages as you want.

Q2. Can I make a blog on TIGER?
TIGER does not provide a built-in way to start a blog. Instead, we recommend using a third-party blogging platform and connecting it to your marketplace.

Q3. How can I link my blog to my marketplace?
You can host your blog wherever you want and just link it to the top bar in your marketplace. To set this up, go to the admin panel> configure> top bar> add new link in menu> save

Q4. Will I get a notification as an admin when someone signs up on my Platform?
When a new member joins the marketplace, the admins can be notified, even if the user has not yet confirmed their email address. Notification is sent to all admins

To enable this feature:
Log in to your Marketplace Admin Panel>¬† Go to the Configure>Settings>Email Preferences¬† >.¬† Enable, “Send admins an email whenever a new user signs up>. Save

Q5. How Many People Can Be Administrators In A Marketplace?
You can have as many admins as you wish

Q6. Can There Be Different Levels Of Admin Privileges?
No, all admins have the same privileges.

Q7. Is there a limit to the number of pictures in a listing?
Nope. A seller can upload as many pictures as they want for their listings, there is no limit.

Q8. Can I reorder the images once they are uploaded?
Yes. You can simply drag and drop images when creating or editing a listing. This also works on mobile.

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