How to use Google Search Console (Webmaster Tools) with your marketplace? – Tiger

Add Your Website At Google Search Console

If you want to verify your marketplace using Google Search Console (GSC) (previously named Google Webmaster Tools or GWT), you can do it by adding Google’s verification code as a custom script to your marketplace.

Add your website at Google Search Console

1. Log in GSC with your Google account at and follow the instructions to configure your website.
2. When asked to choose a verification method, chose “HTML tag”. Copy the tag that is displayed. It looks something like this:
<meta name=”google-site-verification” content=”fjXvx4lEjsk876gksçKjgç0sjg99WwzB3QFldg8yCfkj1u4h61ej7C50drQI”/>


Add The GWT Verification Tag To Your Marketplace

1. Open the “Design” tab from your Tiger admin panel.
2. At the bottom of the page, paste the copied verification tag into the “Custom script” field.
3. Save your settings. That’s it! Your marketplace is now verified with the Google Webmaster Tool.

Add The Sitemap

1. In Google Search Console, go to Sitemaps from the menu on the left.
2. Click on “Enter sitemap URL” field under “Add a new sitemap.”
3. Enter sitemap.xml.gz and hit Submit.

That’s it! Google now knows about your sitemap file and will index its content over time.
If you receive a 403 error when configuring your sitemap, make sure that your marketplace isn’t private.

More Information About GWT And Custom Scripts

Add a custom script
1. Log in to your marketplace as an administrator.
2. Open the admin panel.
3. Open the “Design” tab.
4. Paste your script into the “Custom script” text box.
5. Click “Save settings”.

That’s it—our custom code is now active and set! Changes are applied immediately.

Custom script field size
The custom script field content is stored into a MySQL database in a TEXT field type. This means that the allowed size for this field is roughly 64 Kilobytes (or about 65,535 characters). This can vary a bit because of encoding though.
If you plan to add longer scripts, you should consider hosting them in a separate file on your own https server or file hosting.

What to do if your custom code breaks things

If the code you add produces errors, your marketplace may not work for users. If you are unable to fix the custom code, remove it to get things working again:
1. Log in your marketplace as an administrator.
2. Open the Admin panel.
3. Open the “Design” tab.
4. Remove all code from the “Custom script” text box.
5. Click “Save settings”.

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