Per Hour with Calendar VS Per hour without Calendar

Tiger is a rental platform hence keeping that in mind we have Per hour order type linked up with calendar to make it more user friendly to use and manage the booking for sellers .
But considering the situations where users want per hour as a unit  we also have  per hour order type without calendar where users have 


Difference between Per Hour with calendar and per session with calendar

In Per hour with calendar order type users have the option to select the start and end time for the duration which means that if he wants he can book the entire day and can be charged on a per hour basis . But in per session User can block only a session at a time irrespective of number of hours a session is and going to be charged according to per session cost again irrespective of number of hours in a session 


Common steps for Per hour with calendar and without 


Step :Find the option ”order type” in admin dashboard 


Step:select the order type you want to edit 


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