Setting up Referals

Referrals is a tool used by various businesses and corporations across a wide variety of different industries to grow and build customer bases. It is used to incentivise existing customers to introduce their family, friends and contacts to become new customers.

Tiger platform now enables admins to utilise referrals to promote their platform and increase their user base.

Admins have the option to add referrals amount in the form of flat discount or a percentage discount . Referrals earned by the referrer (one who has referred other users to the platform) can be utilised at the time of checkout as a discount.

Referrer Discount: Percentage or flat amount of discount that will be given to the referrer
Referrer Maximum Discount : The maximum discount value that will be given to the referrer
Lets take an example to better explain maximum discount

Maximum discount is set to $90
Referrer discount is 10%
Order amount is $1000.
In this scenario, since order amount that has been placed is $1000 and after 10% referrer discount , amount payable should now be $900 (offering a discount of $100). But since the maximum discount allowed has been set to $90, only a discount of $90 could be available by the referrer and hence amount payable would be $910

Similarly, fields like Referee Discount, Referee Maximum Discount can be set for the Referee (User who has been referred)

Learn more about Referrals from the below video:

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