TIGER Configurations

Q1. Can a domain be purchased through TIGER?
Yes, Tiger sells custom domains, so you can also buy your own domain from Tiger. The cost of the same depends on the time period and the country where you want to use the domain.
Go to Admin panel>Configure>Domain>Buy new Domain

Q2. Can I use my own custom domain during the Free trial?
Unfortunately, using your own domain is not available on the free trial. Using custom domains is only available for growth and premium plans.

Q3. Can my users post listings on the platform without adding a location?
To enable this feature, Go to the admin panel> Configure> Settings> Search Preferences> Enable (Remove the map from the homepage and when posting a new listing)

Once you have enabled the same, remember to save the changes!

Q4. What are the APIs that we need to enable under Google Console to use Maps on the marketplace?
*Maps javaScript API
*Geocoding API
*Places API

Q5. Is it mandatory to have Billing account under Google console to use the Maps on the marketplace
Yes, you should have a Billing account to use Maps on the platform. However, Google also gives a lump sum amount of credit to specific time

Q6. How long does Tiger take to indicate a domain with my marketplace?
It can take up to 24-48 hours for the custom domain to be activated.

Q7. Can I integrate shipping APIs with my marketplace?
Yes, shipping APIs can be added to the platform.
Go to Admin Panel> Configure> Settings> Shipping Engine API

Q8. Is it possible to delete or edit comments on listings?
Marketplace administrators can delete any comment. Authors can delete their own comments.

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