Tiger Dashboard- Manage Section

1. Users

See the list of all the users signed up to the platform. You can even set someone as an admin from this tab, by checking the Admin checkbox in front of their name and email.
To remove a user as an admin , simply uncheck the checkbox

2. Listings

By default when you open the Listings section, all listings are displayed. After a search, you can click the Show all button next to the Search button to display all listings again. From there you can monitor the listing activity in your marketplace. The available statuses to filter listings are: Open, Closed and Expired

3. Transactions

This section gives you the complete details of all the transactions done on the platform. You can get details like transaction id, listing id, listing name, status, payment channel through which the transaction was made (paid/ unpaid), transaction amount and details of both parties (buyer and seller).

4. Subscribed Members

This section shows you the list of user who have enrolled for a subscription plan. You can get details like User name, plan enrolled for, amount of the subscription plan and expiration date of the subscription plan.

5. Security Deposits

A security deposit is money that will be given to the admin as proof of intent to move-in and care for the domicile. or as an intent to take care of the product. Security deposits can be either be refundable or nonrefundable, depending on the terms of the transaction.

Learn more about how to enable Security Deposit in the Configurations Section of the helpdesk.


6. Cancellation

A cancellation policy provides Accountability and will hold your customers accountable if they do need to cancel their order or booking. Cancellation policy in tiger is applicable in 2 ways- before the order is accepted by the seller and after the product has been accepted by the seller. Cancellation charges can vary in the 2 scenarios, as set by the admin.

Learn more about Cancellation policy in the Configurations Section of the helpdesk.


7. Taxes and other fees

To enable the taxes feature, admin will firstly need to enable taxes from the dashboard settings by going to Tax preferences and Enable Taxes and Other Fees.
Once enabled , admin and merchants will be able to add taxes from their respective dashboard.

Learn more about how to add taxes in the Configurations Section of the helpdesk.


8. Conversations

Being the admin of the platform, this section gives you a peak into all the ongoing conversations on the platform. You will find all details of the 2 parties between whom the conversation was ongoing and date of the conversation.

9. Reviews

Admins can view all reviews in this section of the platform. Reviews are enabled for all marketplaces by default. Users are prompted to rate and review the other party automatically after each paid transaction as they are only available for paid transactions. It is currently not possible to disable reviews and ratings. 
Reviews are visible to everyone on each user’s profile page. A seller’s rating (percentage of positive ratings and number of ratings) is also shown on each listing page.

10. Email Users

There are many instances where you, as a marketplace operator, might want to communicate directly with all, or part, of your community. There might be important news you need to share, special offers that you want to make, or simply (but perhaps most importantly) you want to ask them for feedback on their experience on your marketplace.
If you wish to send messages to individual users we offer a messaging feature that you can use for this.
You can choose to filter users from the drop down and select the desired language to send emails.

Please note that emails are not sent to users who have unsubscribed from all emails from admins, or who have been banned from your marketplace.

11. Reported Listings

This section shows the list of all the listings that have been reported by the users. Admin can check the individual listings as to why they have been reported.

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