TIGER Dashboard

Q1. How to edit “About”, “How it works, ”Privacy” and “Terms of use” static pages?
In your marketplace, there are four pages of static content: “About”, “How it works, ”Privacy” and “Terms of use” for you to customize.
You can access/edit them by clicking the “About” link in your top bar.

Q2. Can I rename a static page?
Currently, renaming static pages is unfortunately not possible. There are ways to work around this, though. On the page at the top bar, you can add the title of your choice. Also, if you link to the page from the top bar, you can name the link however you like.

Q3. How to add a page link to the top bar?
Go to “Admin panel>Configure>Design> Topbar in your Admin panel
Click on the “Add a new link to menu” option
Fill in the link’s name and add a URL to indicate where the link will be pointing

Q4. Will I be able to download the CSV file of the listings and users from my marketplace?
Yes, it will be possible to download it from the marketplace.
Go to Admin Panel> Manage> Users / Listings> Export All as CSV

Q5. Is it possible to see conversations between merchants and users on the marketplace?
Yes, only admins will be able to see the conversations happening on the platform

Q6. Which payment gateway allows us to split payments?
Currently only PayPal , Razorpay, Peach payments and Stripe are the Payment Gateways which we can use for split payment

Q7. Will I be able to track my website traffic on the marketplace?
Tiger does not have a feature to track traffic, although admins can add Google Analytics ID to the marketplace and do the same

Q8. How Can I Change The Default Text Displayed In The Search Bar?
You can change this text from the “Admin panel” -> “Basic details” -> “Search help text” section.

Q9. How To Add Another User As Admin
You can set someone as an admin from the Manage users tab in your admin panel, by checking the Admin checkbox in front of their name and email.

Q10. Can Different Categories Have Different Order Types?
Yes, you can choose which category an order type will be used.

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