How to Create Measurement ID for Google Analytics

How to Create Measurement ID for Google Analytics

Google Analytics integrated with your Yelo marketplace can help you track the users in real-time, create goals and measure ROI. 

To set up Google Analytics API with Yelo Dashboard, follow the below-mentioned steps: 

Step 1: Go to
Click on Start Measuring

Step 2: Enter the account Name, Then click on next

Step 3: Enter Properties, Set Timezone, and currency. Then click on the next button

Step 4:  Enter Business details.

Step 5: Enter Business Objectives


Step 6:  Read and accept Google Analytics Terms of Service Agreement

Step 7: Choose Webapp

Step 8: Enter your web app domain, stream name, and click on next

Step 9: Copy the Measurement ID

Now, your Google Analytics Measurement ID is set up and ready to track.  

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