How to Create Client ID for Google Analytics

How to Create Client ID for Google Analytics

Google Analytics integrated with your Yelo Store can help you track the users in real-time, create goals and measure ROI. 

Using the Google APIs key, you can integrate your Analytics dashboard with the Yelo account and track visitors in real-time. 

To set up Google Analytics API with Yelo Dashboard, follow the below-mentioned steps: 

  1. First, you need to set up your Google API account. For this, Go to Google APIs Console that looks like this. 
  2. In the Search Bar, type ‘Google Analytics API’ and click on it. Once you click on Google Analytics API, a product page will appear. Here, click on ‘Enable’ to activate Google Analytics. 
  3. Your Google Analytics dashboard looks like this. 
  4. Next, click on ‘Create Credentials’ and proceed. 
  5. A new page will appear where you need to add credentials to your project. Choose API as Google Analytics API from the list. 
  6. Choose the type of API context credentials.
  7. Once you proceed, a new screen will appear where you will have to ‘Set Up’ credentials for your ClientID. Click on ‘Setup Consent screen’.
  8.  Return to Add Credentials Page, create a Web Client ID and fill in the details like domain and redirect URL. Click on Refresh.
  9. Once you Setup Consent Screen, your ClientID is ready to use. Click on Done to proceed.
  10. Head to Google Analytics account and go to Admin account. Copy the Tracking ID given in Google Analytics account. 
  11. Next, Head to the Yelo Admin dashboard and go to Analytics. 
  12.  Copy and paste your Tracking ID in the box given under TrackingID. Similarly, copy and paste the Client ID under the required box.
    You can find the Client ID in the API dashboard under the credentials section.
  13. Click on Authorize to set up your Google Analytics account. 
  14. Once you click on ‘Authorize’, you will need to Allow access to Yelo.
  15. Once you allow access, you can verify by receiving the code on your email ID or as a text message on your smartphone/tablet. 

Now, your Google Analytics Client ID is set up and ready to track.  

Note:- For GA4 Setup, please follow the steps given in the document below:

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