How to set free delivery

Here’s a step by step guide to How to set free delivery:

Special transactions require special discounts, by enabling this feature your customers can have the benefit of receiving a free delivery feature in case their cart value allows the same. Follow these instructions to learn how to allow your customers to avail the free delivery service.


  1. Login to Yelo

The admin page shows your dashboard, where you can access all of the required information about your business.

  1. Select Order settings from the side menu. You can find it under Configure settings

  1. Once you select the order setting, click on delivery from the drop-down menu.
  2. Here you can scroll down and you will find the “Free Delivery” option

  1. Toggle this feature on to activate free delivery, it will then ask you for an option to waive the delivery fee for a certain cart value. Choose what amount you wish to give free delivery at. And click save. 

  1. In case you have chosen a certain subtotal amount for giving free delivery, it will be shown to the customer in the cart. 

Now you can opt for a Free Delivery option over a certain cart amount.

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