How to use Single Select and Multiselect Options

How to use Single Select and Multiselect Options


Single select and multi-select options are a great way to get upsells for your order. For example, If you own a pizza shop, you can charge your customers for extra cheese, special seasonings, or any other addition.


Here’s how to create single-select and multi-select options at the checkout cart of your marketplace:

  1. Log in to the Yelo Admin Dashboard, which looks like this.

  2. On the Dashboard’s left-hand side, click On ‘Merchants, or Grocery store’ and you will be redirected to the merchant page. Here, we have shown the example of a Grocery marketplace. Click on Grocery stores, and you will have a list of all the grocery stores in the marketplace.

  3. Choose the Grocery store for which you want to add the single-select and multi-select options.

  4. On the Merchant details page, click on the ‘Configuration’ tab.

  5. Scroll down the page and choose the ‘Checkout Template’ option. Here, you can add single or multi-select options.

  6.  Click on Add More and enter the field name.

  7. Here, we have entered the Field name as ‘Test Single Select.’ Choose the field type as the single select.

  8. Next, click on View and Add the options that you want to sell along with your orders. Add the price for each option.

  9. Click on Add.
  10. Similarly, you can add the next field as Multi-Select and add the multiple options here.

  11. Click on Save.

  12. Head to the Grocery Marketplace and select the grocery store that you have configured.

  13. Once your customer adds the product to the checkout cart and proceeds with the payment, they can select the options.

  14. In the Additional Information box, customers can choose Single select if they want to add only one option or choose the Multi-select option if they’re going to add more than one option.

  15. Once it is done, the customers can proceed with the payment.


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