Introduction to analytics feature on YELO

Introduction to analytics feature on YELO

  • The very first feature in analytics is Real-Time, distributed as:
  1. Digital data of live revenue, customers, and orders.
  2. Graphical representation, date wise and hour wise respectively.
  • Next up is Orders and Revenue, which consists of:
  1. Pie chart of order status
  2. Monthly revenue and orders graph
  3. Product sales graph
  4. Promo code used graph
  5. Orders and Revenue graph

  • The third option is Engagement, which contains:
  • User onboarding funnel, which shows
  1. Pending verification
  2. Total signup
  3. Registered successfully
  4. Transacting users


  • Registered vs Transacting users comparison
  • Order per user(daily)
  • Active users(daily)

  • The last option is Users, which contains data of:
  1. Customer registration
  2. Merchant registration
  3. Referred customers
  4. Referred customers details

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