Signing Up For Yelo Store AI

STEP  1:


  • Navigate to products and then click on Store(AI-powered)

  • Yelo offers a 14-day free trial to set up your online store  click on “Start your free trial”.


To create your AI store in seconds you need to fill in:

  • Your work Id (i.e
  • Phone Number (i.e 9876543210)
  •  Create  your password (i.e Ffoodie#123)
  •  Store Name (i.e Foodie )
    You can also edit or buy your own domain name
  • Also, mention a product /service you want to sell to your customers (i.e coffee)
  • Click on Launch your AI store to start your own AI store


Only  in 7 seconds you can finish  setting up your  AI store.  After signing up, you may view your customer interface.

  • You will also find that the system automatically adds six dummy  products by default.
  • Your logo, store name, and contact information are displayed in a pop-up window in the left corner.
  • Your customer can easily find the item /service you’re looking for by clicking on the search product icon.




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