Create order in Laundry

Create order in Laundry


1 Log in to the Yelo Admin dashboard, where your monthly sales, revenue, and orders can be viewed1

2  On the left-hand side under the general module click on create order.

3 Select the details as customer, store and product.

4 Once you select the product then you have to fill in the pickup and delivery details.
NOTE: Delivery details are visible only once you save the pickup details.

5 Now you have to select the date and time of collection and delivery and if any suggestions you want to add >>
then click on invoice >>click on create order.

6 Go to orders >> accept the order >> click on edit details. If you want to make any changes in the order.

7 You can edit the quantity of the product, any extra charges and you can change the delivery time and address. Once you edit the order click on preview.

8 Now you can see changes in the charges and delivery time\ address( only if you made the changes in edit section) then click on submit.

9 Your order is successfully placed and edited.

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