Stripe GPay/APay

  • Works on webapp and hybrid apps only, not on Yelo native apps.
  • Stripe Apple Pay works only on Safari browser and Stripe Google Pay works only on Google Chrome Browser.
  • For Stripe Google Pay, cards must be added in the browser and for Stripe Apple Pay, cards must be in the Apple wallet.


Stripe Apple Pay Domain Configuration

Step 1 : Login into Stripe dashboard using your live login credentials.

Step 2 : After login, this dashboard will appear. Now disable the “Test mode” as marked in the below image.

Step 3 : Open

Step 4 : Click on “Add new domain”.

Step 5 : Fill “” in the box highlighted in the below screenshot.

Step 6 : Now click on the “Add” button.

Stripe Apple Pay domain configuration is finished, now you can use Stripe Apple Pay without any issue.

Reference – Set up Apple Pay for your website (

Error – “Not eligible for this payment” message of payment page, as screenshot below.

Reason – When card is not added in Wallet in case of Apple Pay and browser in case of Google Pay.

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