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I am using a Flight map and My customers are unable to choose a location in the Application. Why so?

There can be various reasons for this issue:

  • If the APIs are not updated or wrong.
  • If the keys are wrong.
  • The billing issues can be there.
  • Purchase plan.

Flightmap gives you 50000 free transactions. Please check it can be possible that the free transactions are over. In Yelo dashboard click on Account  >> settings >> Keys >> flightmap API keys  >> click on the blue link written “ Flightmap dashboard.

 Flightmaps Transaction

How Do I Change the language for my dashboard?

Go to Account >> Settings >> Language and under Current language, for your dashboard, you can select your desired language accordingly.

Where can I get Yelo API keys for integrations?

In Account >> Settings >> Keys >> To get Your Yelo API key click Generate

What is Facebook Pixel API and what is the use?

The Facebook pixel is the main tool you can use to track events on a website. 

By this feature.

  1. You can build custom audiences based on the activities on your platform.
  2. You can also measure conversion activity and determine which ads drive results such as purchases

You need to have your Facebook Pixel API Key To use Facebook pixel.

How to generate new flight maps keys?

On your Yelo dashboard go to account >> settings >> keys >> toggle to flight maps if not already >> click on the blue link saying “Flight map Dashboard” >> on the new window click on explore maps >> click on API keys option >> generate keys >> a new key will be generated, now update the key on your dashboard.

How do I delete saved credit cards? 

You will not be able to delete the Admin card information from your account. For Merchants, It can be done from the billing section of your admin dashboard.

How can I choose Google Maps or Flight maps as Map Services on google?

To choose between Google Maps and Flight maps you have to follow the given steps-
Account >> Setting >> Keys >> Turn Toggle between Google & Flight maps and add keys and Save.

Map services

How Do I find the API for creating orders OR for any other feature?

Go to account >> Settings >> Keys >> Under Yelo API Keys you can key click on the link to generate and to read the documentation visit the link Visit https://docs.jungleworks.com/

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