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Can we edit delivery charges after the order is placed?

Delivery changes can’t be edit after the order is placed.

You can edit the order before the order is accepted for this you have to enable this to allow the Admin to edit orders before the merchants accept them.
This is useful for times when you’ve fewer items in stock than what the Customer has ordered.
You can edit the Customer’s Order before accepting it to ensure they’re sold only what you have in stock. Follow the steps to configure it.

  • Go to Dashboard >> Configure >> Order Settings >> Orders.
  • To enable edit order, enable the Toggle.
  • Once the Toggle is enabled, Admin can choose who can edit from the available options. customers, manager, Merchant.

Note:- To enable edit order, a wallet and outstanding payment should be configured with the platform.

How can we fix the cost of distance-wise delivery charges for all orders?

If a client wants dynamic delivery charges you can set the same by editing the Tookan order template and on Yelo go to Configure >> Order settings >> Delivery >> Distance Wise delivery charges. Or scroll down to check different merchants and add dynamic delivery templates.

The delivery is done from the admin’s side is not getting charged.

Go to configure >> order settings >> delivery >> turn off the toggle of free delivery. This toggle is for merchant delivery only.

Free delivery

How can I enable customers to choose the time of delivery of orders on Yelo?

Goto Merchants >> Merchant >> Configurations >> Enable Scheduling >> Enter Slot Interval >> Update.

Distance-wise delivery charge feature not working on Yelo?

Distance-wise delivery charges will work when either Tookan or any other DMS is enabled on the platform, as it has to be calculated dynamically.

Delivery time is set to a value, but it still varies from merchant to merchant?

The total delivery time = Delivery time + Order Preparation Time. When the order preparation time is set to 0, the total delivery time would be equal to the set delivery time.

delivery 1

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