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Is it possible to create a task in Yelo with a webhook or any other integration?

We have open API documentation, you can create the tasks from third-party applications using it. 

Link to open API’s:- https://docs.jungleworks.com/yelo

Why is SMS not being sent through the platform to customers/merchants?

This can happen because of various reasons.

Check if SMS notification is enabled in Notification Settings

SMS gateway is properly integrated with the platform.

DLT should be configured properly (For Indian clients)

Not enough balance in-network provider account.

When I try to assign the chat to one of our agents, it doesn’t work and says “Agent cannot be assigned to chat due to limited access”. What does that mean?

All your agents have limited access to chats of their teams. Merchants can only see chats that belong to their restaurants and managers can only see chats that belong to their team such as the team of their drivers. You can invite agents as support agents in hippo, they will be having access to all the chats For example abc@gmail.com as abc+1@gmail.com 

Charge per agent are $5 

Steps to invite : Hippo Dashboard >> settings >> agents >> Invite Agents.

How do I set up call notifications in Yelo?

To do this, you may use our extension Twilio to do the same. In order to do this, you’ll have to enable Twilio from the extensions on the top right corner of your Yelo dashboard.


I want to give an option at the time of checkout the customer selects “Pay via Bank Transfer”, details of our bank account will be displayed below it. 

You can surely add this feature if any payment gateway supports this bank account filling option and then you can also change the terminology for that particular gateway to Pay via bank transfer.


What are pre-payment order confirmation and post-payment order confirmation?

Pre Payment Order Confirmation: In this flow, the order is confirmed before payment is made. You have to enable the Pay Later and Cash o Delivery toggles in the Checkout page under the Order Settings section to allow this.

Post Payment Order Confirmation: You can opt for the post-payment order confirmation flow if you want orders to be created only when payment is made. This flow is auto-selected when you sign in to your marketplace.


What are the supported printers with Yelo merchant apps?

This is the list of printers compatible and tested with Yelo:

Mobilink P20

Mobilink P60ii

Mobilink P80

Mobilink P80 Plus


How can I add a user to Hippochat so they can answer the messages of the customers?

You can enable the Hippochat under the Extension section on your Admin panel. Once you enable it a Hippo chat account will be created automatically.

hippo chat extension

Cannot complete online payment through payment gateway on Yelo Platform.

You might be using test keys for payment gateways on live that is the reason why the issue is coming. Please use the Live keys then the payments will work.

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