Setting up Terms & Conditions for Customer and Merchants

Setting up Terms & Conditions for your marketplace

If you want a new coming customer to accept your marketplace terms & conditions before signing up, then you can do so using the terms and conditions integration.

  1. To find the Terms & Conditions integration you need to click on the integration button on the top right corner of your admin dashboard.
  2.  The drop down menu shows you the most popular integrations, if you find the Terms & Conditions there you can click on it and continue, else you can click on more and search for the integration as shown
  3. Enable the Terms and Conditions toggle and click on edit current settings. Here:

    • You can set up different terms and conditions for customers and merchants
    • You can add your own link if you have, click on submit and the changes will reflect on the customer/merchant sign up form
    • Or you can create your own personalised document by clicking on the “Create your personalized document”
  4. Fill in your details, your company name, website URL and date of establishment.
    If you are generating a terms & condition document for the first time, then click on the preview TnC document.

  5.  If the document is according to your needs you can click on proceed, otherwise you can click on edit to make alterations on the document.

  6. After editing the document, just click on Update and the changes will be reflected.

  7. Now you can either send this document as a pdf to your registered email or you can set this document as a link at your user signup, by clicking on the button with the same name.

    Congratulations, you have successfully set up Terms & Conditions for new customers. Only those customers that accept your Terms of Service & Privacy Policy will be able to make an account on your marketplace.

    When a customer clicks on Terms of Service & Privacy Policy, they are directed to the Terms & conditions link that you generated earlier.

    Similarly you can set up Terms & Conditions for Merchants as well.


    Congratulations you are one more step closer to opening your marketplace for business.

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